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You want to turn your bike carrier into a ski carrier? Don’t worry, because now there is a perfect solution for your problem – the high quality Thule Tram Hitch Ski and Snowboard Carrier. You can install this exceptional carrier to the rack arms of most Thule bike carriers. The Tram Hitch Ski & Snowboard Carrier is able to transport up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards. The installation of the Tram Carrier is simple. This unparalleled carrier is available with huge push buttons, which means you can open it with no difficulty as well. The Tram Hitch Ski & Snowboard Carrier is also provided with locks and soft rubber arms. The locks bring you protection from thieves, while the rubber arms defend the surfaces of your skis and snowboards from scratching.Please note there is a 50% restocking fee on all Thule products.