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The Smittybilt Defender Bolt Together Rack Basket is a rugged roof basket with dimensions 54″ W x 78″ L x 4″ H. This exceptional roof basket allows you to transport up to 150 lbs. of gear. This is very useful, especially when you have to carry a large cargo, which will not fit inside your vehicle or which you want to transport on the roof. The Defender Rack Basket is constructed from durable 16 gauge completely welded 1″ round steel tubing. This exceptional roof basket is finished in sturdy, black textured powder coat. This is why the Smittybilt Defender Rack Basket provides a stylish appearance for your vehicle. This high quality roof basket is available with welded light tabs and integrated flooring. You can install the Defender Rack Basket on almost any style roof.When you need to transport additional cargo, but there is not enough space inside the cab or the bed, don’t worry. Now you don’t have to seek a way to fasten huge or odd shaped items to your vehicle’s roof. Just mount the flexible Smittybilt Defender Bolt Together Rack Basket! This handy basket features extensive confines where you are able to carry your cargo securely and effortlessly. You may also use the Defender Rack Basket to transport gear that you don’t want inside your vehicle. The Smittybilt Defender Bolt Together Rack Basket will bring you superior vehicle cargo carrying capacity and will keep the load equally distributed. This enhanced roof basket comes packaged with 4 welded front light tabs and 2 rear tabs. Thanks to the integrated flooring, you get highest functionality. The Smittybilt Defender Bolt Together Rack Basket is provided with aerodynamic styling. This means your vehicle will get more stylish look if you improve it with the Defender Rack Basket.The Smittybilt Defender Bolt Together Rack Basket offers a variety of mounting options – for example, roof rack brackets, alterable mounting brackets as well as gutter clamp brackets. This is why you can fasten the unparalleled Defender Rack Basket to any vehicle. The package also contains adapter brackets. These brackets allow you to safely and stably install particular cargo like tires, off-road jacks as well as shovels and axes to the basket. The Smittybilt Defender Bolt Together Rack Basket is available with a 5-year limited warranty against finish defects. The Defender Rack Basket is also provided with a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.Smittybilt is situated in Compton, California, in the USA. Smittybilt has leading positions on the market for off-road parts and accessories, because the company manufactures these products from its beginning. Smittybilt was founded by Basil Smith, who was also called “Smitty”. Basil Smith was one of the initial Southern California 4WD enthusiasts. He began a business in 1956 and named it Rock-ett Products. Basil Smith started producing specific gear for trucks and Jeeps. These products were created in Smitty’s garage/machine shop. Basil’s son Tom started working at Rock-ett when he was very young. In the 1970s this always growing company was named Smittybilt and Tom Smith became its director. With Tom as a leader, Smittybilt has made a variety of unique products – for example, the original “Nerf Bar” side step as well as tubular front and rear bumpers for Jeeps. The company is familiar with the modern trends and demands in the off-road market, because of its permanent engagement in off-roading at all levels.This is why nowadays Smittybilt continues to be a leader on the market with a selection of over 2000 various products for trucks and SUVs.