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K&N Universal Air Filters are specially designed to be easily washed and reused, so you can remain worry-free when ordering them, as this will be your last air filter order! You no longer have to make the choice between air filters focused on delivering maximum airflow and air filters focused on enhanced filtering and engine protection. K&N filters combine the efficiency of airflow and protection for your vehicle in one great product. The filters guarantee to deliver increased airflow, even while you’re driving on unpaved or dirt roads with dust particles in the air.The secret is in their design. They are available with layers of cotton gauze placed between two aluminum wire screens. The cotton is treated with a uniquely formulated grade of oil that results in tackiness throughout the cotton’s microscopic strands. Protect your engine and increase your vehicle’s horsepower and torque with these K&N filters which trap the dirt in their cotton layers without decreasing airflow. Regular paper filters trap dust and dirt on their surface, and then you have to replace them. When the K&N filters become dirty, you simply clean them with a K&N Cleaner and they are ready to be used again. The filters are backed by a Million Mile Limited Warranty.