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Injen SP Series Short Ram Intake System is a conventional air intake system. It replaces your factory airbox and air filter, and your factory air intake tube to deliver increased airflow thanks to its premium EA Nanofiber air filter. The aluminum alloy intake tube ensures the cool air flows smoothly into your engine. The result is more power, enhanced acceleration and an enhanced fuel economy. The SP Series Short Ram Intake System, just like Injen’s other air intake system, is precision-engineered and dyno-tested. SP Series Short Ram Intake is manufactured from the highest quality materials and is available with a high flow EA Nanofiber dry air filter.Injen’s intake tubes are constructed from 6061 T-6 aluminum alloy for additional strength, lightness of weight and guaranteed smoothness. Premium quality silicone connectors seal all connections. The result is flexibility, durability and thermal stability. The stainless steel hose clamps give a solid seal which will never loosen or deteriorate.Injen’s innovative and patented MR (Mega Ram) Technology achieves this increased intake airflow and enhanced performance while retaining a safe air-to-fuel ratio. The diameter of the intake tube where the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor mounts is smaller. This makes it possible for the sensor to detect airflow within established parameters. The engine control computer can then sustain the proper air-to-fuel ratio and improve horsepower and torque at the same time. MR Technology tunes the intake system to prevent the necessity of recalibrating the MAF sensor and ensures your engine doesn’t run too lean or too rich. Injen’s MR Technology is used to create the world’s first “Tuned Intake System”, brining you the best performance with a factory safe air-to-fuel ratio.In order to ensure an exact fit, the SP Short Ram Intake System is precision-constructed with CNC machined brackets and adapters. You can install the system using only simple hand tools. Comprehensive instructions and everything else you need to complete the installation is included. The SP Series Air Intake System is available with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and is made in the USA.The Injen Technology Company is based in Pomona, California. It was established in 1998 and since them its focus has remained on performance technology. The company continually sets new standards for quality and enhances all of their engineering and manufacturing competences. Injen regularly introduces new, cutting edge products to market, setting the industry benchmark for innovation, style and technology.